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#1 In Technology-focused Short Format Events
TechTalk Summits is the leader in technology-focused short format events that foster networking and collaboration for decision makers. We bring companies at the forefront of their sector to your doorstep, desktop or wherever you are. Our events are always enjoyable and informative for attendees, after work at prime dining venues, or in your leisure for custom experiences. TechTalk environments foster relationships and give you the knowledge to make strategic decisions that impact the future of your company.
Sponsor Participation: Resources & Requirements
Best Practices, Overview and Requirements
The TTS Face-to-Face Deliverables document below will provide you with all the information you need for a successful event. Face-2-Face Events include IT Innovation, Analyst City Series, Topgolf and Custom Experiences. All Virtual Events have a different set of deliverables, so if your event is hosted on our virtual platform, our resource requirements are outlined in the TTS Virtual Deliverables document as well. Click to download.
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