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Why All Apps/Social Media Platforms Are A Security Threat Aside From TikTok!

TikTok Is A National Security & Privacy Threat, But So Are All Intrusive, Addictive, And Harmful Apps/Social Media Platforms That Support The Android OS, Apple iOS, And Microsoft Windows OS!


There is no doubt that Chinese owned TikTok poses massive privacy, security, and safety threats to end users, however, so do all apps and social media platforms due to surveillance & data mining capabilities associated with Google/Android, Apple, and Microsoft Apps.

Today's apps and social media platforms are simply "Legal Malware" enabling the app & social media platform developer to monitor, track, and data mine the end user for profits whether the end user is an adult, teen, child, or business/govt. end user.

The problem with connected products, such as smartphones, is the fact that Google, Apple, & Microsoft, the predominant operating system developers, plus their app developer partners, including those from China, employ predatory, exploitative, and harmful business practices rooted in Surveillance Capitalism.

The media, plus government officials, simply do not understand how much personal and business information app & social media platform developers collect on the end user.

CyberTalk TV exposes how much surveillance and data mining app and social media developers can conduct on end users.

See this explosive investigative report to understand that all intrusive apps & social media developers pose massive privacy, security, civil liberty, and safety threats to end users.



🔗Link to Panel Discussion: Why All Apps/Social Media Platforms Are A Security Threat Aside From TikTok! on Vimeo. 

Rex M. Lee is a Privacy and Cybersecurity Advisor, Tech Journalist and a Senior Tech/Telecom Industry Analyst for BlackOps Partners, Washington, DC. Find more information at CyberTalkTV.com